In House Leadership cum Adventure Camps


4.1 About the program… 

We intend to provide a different kind of indoor and outdoor experience-an opportunity to engage kids in indoor or outdoor activities through immersion in the adventure to promote “Learning by doing concept”. Indoor and outdoor awareness, compassion, leadership and an ethic of care for the earth and indoor and outdoor education among the students and doing something very important for the generation to come.

 4.2 Objectives of the Himalayan Vagabond Adventures Program…

The objectives of the student programmes offered are to:

  • Develop communication/team skills.
  • Strengthen confidence and self reliance.
  • Gain awareness about environment and issues that are degrading our natural resources.
  • Adopt eco-friendly sensibilities.
  • Help student to grow physically.
  • Learn to work in a group.
  • Build strategic skills for effective decision making and implementation.
  • Understanding good leadership behaviours.
  • Recognizing own qualities and strengths.
  • Determining how well you perceive what’s going on around you.
  • Polishing interpersonal skills.
  • Learning about commitment and how to move things forward.
  • Making Key decisions.
  • Handling your and other people’s stress.
  • Empowering, motivating and inspiring others.
  • Leading by example.
  • Smart performance.
  • Improvement in self disciplined.
  • Socially and emotionally improvement in skills.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Improvement in self confidence.
  • Helps in developing new interests, skills, and friendships.
  • Unforgettable outdoor adventure.
  • Students will enjoy distraction from day to day routine.
  • Discover the spirit of adventure with activities such as rappelling, flying fox, Burma Bridge, camping, team building games etc.

 4.3 Features of the Program… 

The features of the program are:

  • Boarding and lodging facilities as per the programme selected.
  • Leadership and in-house training at the sights by the certified trainers.
  • Registration fees include all scheduled program activities.
  • Certificate of Participation at the completion of the program
  • Enhance leadership, Outdoor awareness, compassion and ethic of care for the earth.
  • Fun never ends- Specially designed recreational and meaningful activities.

4.4 Activities List to be choose from… 

  • Burma Bridge
  • Confidence Bridge
  • Rappelling
  • Valley Crossing
  • Camping
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Bivouac camping
  • Bush art
  • Bush treasure hunt
  • Bush tucker and ecology walk
  • Bushwalking
  • Camp craft
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Campfire at night
  • Climbing gym
  • Expedition style pack & paddle
  • Flying fox
  • High & low ropes challenges
  • Icebreaker games
  • Mud pit
  • Navigation and map reading
  • Team Initiatives

 4.5 COVERAGE of the Program…

The practice of ‘Team Building’ and ‘Efficiency Improvement’ through;
• Experience sharing and deriving results.
• Basic Confidence Building.
• Breaking the barriers.
• Best Management with Least Resources.
• Emotional Intelligence.
• Leadership, Motivation and Communication processes.
• Conflict Management and Assertiveness Development.
• Personality Development.
• Stress Eradication.
•Hidden Talent Search.
• Naturalization.

4.6 METHODOLOGY of the Program… 

The program will use a mix of methodology such as briefings, group work, discussions, role-plays, games, instruments and simulation.


Experts from a variety of backgrounds are involved and their proven skills are exploited to enrich the experience keeping the process simple enough to be understood easily. Call it- ‘Experiential Learning’. Our unique approach to outdoor adventure teaches the life’s lessons and positive experiences at every step.

4.8 Safety and Security: 

  • Medical facilities.
  • Emergency First Aid Kit.
  • Doctor on call.
  • Fire safety.