In House Leadership cum Adventure Camps


In the present competitive global scenario of school education it is very important for school  students. By identifying the need of the hour product development team of Himalayan Vagabond Adventures has developed the innovative concept by spending months on R&D. Believe us these types of educational capsules will be the future of our education system and school managements dare to opt for this will certainly have an edge over others. Following news article will help you to understand and elaborate more about the concept we are offering to you;

Adventure sports to be added in CBSE Class 12 syllabus

CBSE will introduce a unique and interesting physical education curriculum that will be applicable from the session 2014-2015 for Class 12 students.

The syllabus includes theory and practical knowledge in various fields. Introduction of adventure sports and leadership training where the meaning and objectives of adventure sports will be taught along with types of activities including camping, rock climbing, trekking, river rafting and mountaineering are a part of it.