In house Leadership cum Adventure Camps


3.1 The Ethos of our Camp

An educational based company, HIMALAYAN VAGABOND ADVENTURES is specialized in conducting school programs.

  • Where every student is valued;
  • Every child is Known and cared for;
  • Where cooperation is preferred to competition;
  • All Successes are shared;
  • Where difficulties are talked through;
  • Compassion and forgiveness are present;
  • Where equal opportunities are given;
  • Lively enquiring minds are developed;
  • Where the well being of our school community is at heart.

 3.2 Himalayan Vagabond Adventures is known for

  • It’s Obsession for Safety.
  • Its Professional Team.
  • “Eco-sensible” approach to Tourism.
  • Its Understanding of Corporate requirements.
  • Camping in comfort.
  • Ability to successfully handle large groups.

 3.3 Why Himalayan Vagabond Adventures?

Our In house leadership development camps are designed with utmost care with the inputs of experts from the academia and industry. These programmes are executed under the guidance and presence of Mr. B. D. Negi. 

Brief profile of Mr. B. D Negi –  Managing Director

He holds a Masters in Tourism Administration (MTA) Degree. He has done courses on Adventure Leadership Development, Skiing and Mountaineering. He is also trained in Wilderness First Aid & CPR. Recently, very successful completed an advance Mountaineering course from DMAS, Manali and was awarded the best trainee. He has climbed several peaks in western Himalayas.  Negi has assisted a number of trips in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh and Rajasthan. He has also trip lead many international School trips. He also coordinates with schools in planning various school trips. He has also facilitated many corporate groups. He is into this profession for the past 7 years. As a School Trip Leader:

  1. Singapore International School group to Dharamsala
  2. Singapore American School – Singapore
  3. Tangling Trust School – Singapore
  4. Cairo American College – Cairo
  5. Hong Kong International School
  6. Doha college – Qatar
  7. American International School – Dhaka
  8. Dubai International Academy
  9. American Embassy School – Delhi
  10. American School of Bombay – Mumbai
  11. Dhiru Bhai Ambani International School – Mumbai
  12. British School – Gurgaon
  13. Pathways World School – Gurgaon
  14. German Embassy School – Delhi
  15. Oakridge International School – Hydrabad
  16. Mayoor International School – Raipur

3.4 You don’t know what you can do until you try

Himalayan Vagabond Adventures’s approach to experiential adventure is what makes it’s training so exceptional. In Himalayan Vagabond Adventures adventure camps, learning is hands-on. Participants are asked to “walk” rather than merely “talk” their behaviors. It simply means that you are asked to take an active role in the flow of your adventure, learn new skills, cook meals, navigate, set up camp and meet as a group to plan and organize each day. The primary goal of our adventure camps is to create an environment where you discover and create for your own outcomes, and emerge as responsible individuals.

3.5 Program Highlights

3.5.1 SOLID INSTRUCTION & DEBRIEFING: Learning becomes easy after reflecting over it

Right instruction is like winning half the battle. Special emphasis is laid on crafting the instructions by using the right words, right tone and right demonstration.

For instance, a good set of briefing will answer the following:

  • How to do the activity?
  • What are the exact steps needed to follow?
  • What tools and equipments will be required?
  • How long will it take to finish?
  • What difficulties would one expect to encounter on the way?
  • What will one see, hear, experience after following the instructions?
  • What will happen if you screw up?
  • What does failure look like?

The emphasis of the instruction is on safety pointers, duration, requirements and learning objectives. Imagine if the activity is left to its natural evolvement!

Once an activity has been performed, it’s time to share the experiences. It’s only after reflecting on the performed activity, participants gain significant insights on the application at work. Your interaction with one another will lead you to find new ways to work together. Hence, through skillful facilitation by our instructors each adventure activity turns into a powerful learning and development opportunity. Himalayan Vagabond Adventures adventure programs impacts on individual’s self esteem, achievement and behavior and raises their expectation and aspirations through innovation teaching and learning. By providing correct instructions and debriefing before and after an activity, it meets the unique needs and learning styles of individuals.


Managing resources in the outdoors is generally a matter of common sense, patience, and wisely using the gifts that nature provides. Himalayan Vagabond Adventures programs will help your students in learning to manage these resources effectively. In other words, learning new skills like storing water, starting a fire and creating a shelter becomes a lot more fun!

For instance, you will learn to create fire by using the energy from the sun with an eye lens, or a broken piece of glass. To collect pure water from rain, snow or dew, you will learn to use anything from a cup to a piece of waterproof cloth to a large leaf. A belt becomes quite handy to hold a bandage in place as an equipment strap, or as a snare. And how about considering a wooden stick while hiking. The long mark it makes in the dirt will help to retrace your steps better in case you are lost. It doesn’t matter if you attend a day camp, an adventure camp, or a program that offers a mix of everything. Who knows, the experience gained may find you a hobby or a life passion that you may never have known about.

3.5.3 APPRECIATION & RESPECT FOR NATURECare for Our Mother Nature

An important ingredient of Himalayan Vagabond Adventures program is contact with nature, traditionally gained through camping activities. Living out-of-doors encourages self-sufficiency and determination, and helps you to discover the tranquility and harmony of nature. An appreciation of the natural world is essential at a time when our environment is under threat. The environmental theme has always been strong in many Himalayan Vagabond Adventures activities. Along with understanding and cherishing the natural world, Himalayan Vagabond Adventures advocates for its protection and very survival. Join our programs and find out what you can do to help save our planet.

3.5.4 WE TRANSFORM LIVES: There is more in you than you think

The adventure activities that we do are a mix of anticipation, energy and exploring the unknown, where chances of stumbles and falls are obvious. The difference lies in our approach. Careful instruction and positive encouragement are regular features of our programs. Participants in our programs choose their route and proceed with their chosen activities at their own pace, exercising self-motivation and freedom of choice.