In House Leadership cum Adventure Camps


6.1 Experience Camping in your School

An adventure activity has never looked so easy in our camps in schools.

  • Himalayan Vagabond Adventures camp activities are designed from the time span ranging from of 4 to 24 hours. Students on the basis of their age and capabilities can be put in the suitable programme.
  • Spaced out within a day and an overnight students enjoy a newfound independence away from home and beyond books. 

 6.2 Camp in School

We offer several ways for students to have the ultimate camp experience in school. With an active support from our team of trained instructors, students experience fast paced power-packed adventure activities within the school.

6.3 Day Camp in School

Split into three flexible options, each camping option come with an access to all the activities that you would want to have for your students. Split into three flexible options, each camping option come with an access to all the activities that you would want to have for your students.

6.3.1 Option I: 0830 hrs to 1230 hrs 

Short yet powerful, like a T-20 match. This fast paced program starts and ends within the school hours. Perfect for kids willing to get some laugh, some thrill and some excitement in that short span.

6.3.2 Option II: 0830 hrs to 1630 hrs

If the kids are willing to stretch their bones for a little more time, then this program has it all. Powered by hygienic nutritious lunch, kids will bounce back to do more.

6.3.3 Option III: 0830 hrs to 2030 hrs

This is the most sought after program. From day to night a series of non-stop adventure activities and fun games will keep the kids hooked. Supplemented with nutritious meal at regular intervals, a dose of valuable leadership skills, and a night of campfire with music ensure a goodnight’s sleep.

6.4 Overnight Camp in School

  • Spaced out within a day and an overnight, students enjoy a newfound independence away from home in close company of classmates and teachers.
  • Packed with yoga sessions, leadership games and bonfires make Himalayan Vagabond Adventures overnight camps at school a perfect experience.
  • Staying away from home brings a variety of new challenges. Therefore, the main emphasis at the camp is to have students living together with other students in a healthy and stimulating environment.
  • They experience living out in tents, spend quality time with friends and teachers, and enjoy the simple camp pleasures within the safe environs of the school.
  • It’s like a small community where students adjust to new routines and learn to be emotionally independent.

 6.5 Leadership Camp for Students

  • Leadership is what sets us apart. Through adventure activities, we encourage students to think out-of-the-box, empower them with skills like leading and working in a team, instill a healthy spirit of competition, some life values, some cheer and enthusiasm that go a long way in their life.
  • At our leadership camps when students are given a challenge, they are faced with two choices: give up or step up. Giving up is easy. It’s stepping-up that’s hard, but worth it. That’s the kind of confidence our leadership programs enforce. Even if students choose to step-up, and the challenge isn’t smooth and straight, they have to remind themselves about the choice they made and why. What matters most is the attitude of never giving up. Here, they get the greatest chance of putting their leadership skills to work.
  • Himalayan Vagabond Adventures leadership camp is all about hugs and smiles. They are fun and safe. By talking, laughing, crying, sharing with different people, kids open their minds, feelings and sense of communication. They learn to become proud and confident and it reflects when they show it to others.